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Shelled-slug blows bubbles

Whilst building the Testudarium I found one of my favourite slugs, Testacella maugei. This is one of the shelled-slugs (you can see the shell in the picture) and they are carnivores preying on earthworms and other slugs. I moved the … Continue reading

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Newts and bugs

Despite the cold weather there are still a few cold-bloodied creatures that are active in the garden. Whilst tidying up around the edge of the pond today I found a young smooth newt (Triturus vulgaris). I’m not sure if they’re … Continue reading

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Back from Canada

Well, we’re back from Canada and the garden is looking pretty good. Apparently there’s been a lot of rain and that’s helped. Unfortunately it’s really helped the slugs and snails in that most of our veg has vanished. Looks like … Continue reading

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