Archive of posts from June 2006

Wolf spiders

This time of year is great for wolf spiders (Pardosa sp.) in our garden. The warm weather brings out the females as they like to bask and warm their egg sacs. Female wolf spiders show a considerable amount of parental care. They attach their egg sacs to their abdomen and carry it with them. When the young spiderlings emerge they climb on her back and she carries them around for some time like this. Read on

Woodlouse stronghold

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of woodlice we have in our garden. There must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Sometimes when you lift up a rock or a piece of wood the ground actually seems to ‘boil’ with them as they all struggle to hide. At some point in the future I’ll do a survey and find out how many species we have here. Read on