Archive of posts from August 2007

Greenhouse base finished

I’ve now finished the greenhouse base. It’s all grouted and ready for the arrival of the greenhouse. I didn’t need to buy any new slabs and am quite pleased with the result – having never laid slabs before. I just have to hope it now stands the test of time once the greenhouse is on it. Read on

All slabs down

I’ve now got all the slabs laid. The gap you can see to the right (by the bucket) is for my heatsink, this will be used to store warmth during the day and release that warm at night to keep the greenhouse warm. I just need to grout between the slabs now. Read on

First row of slabs

After a considerable amount of head scratching I’ve worked out a way of paving the area under the greenhouse without the need to buy any slabs. The previous owners of the house left us a motley collection of slabs and bricks and I’d like to use these rather than waste money on new slabs (it’s also more environmentally friendly to reuse stuff). I’ve now put down the first row of slabs. The depths seem to... Read on

Sand and hardcore

The greenhouse base is progressing well.I’ve now got the hardcore layer tamped down and have put the sand layer on top. I’m still a bit concerned about the depths but we’ll see how that goes when I start laying the slabs. Read on

Greenhouse base started

After a bit of a kerfuffle (the lorry not being able to deliver my sand and hardcore and then, when able to deliver, punching a hole in the pavement with its outrigger) I’ve finally been able to start the base of my greenhouse. I’ve now finished digging out all the soil. Despite only going down about 20cm the amount of soil that needed moving is quite surprising. I filled up two dumpy bags of soil... Read on

Speckled wood

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting a few different species of butterfly in the garden. We’ve had an orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines), a few small whites (Pieris rapae) and today, for the first time, we had a speckled wood (Pararge aegeria tircis). A photograph of a female orange tip butterfly in the garden on the 28th April 2007: Read on