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Tadpole update 2

Exciting news, the tadpoles in the tank have started developing their back legs. Some of the largest tadpoles are now about 4cm in length and, either side of the base of their tail, we can now see their back legs. … Continue reading

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One swallow makes a summer… almost

It was a very nice evening so I was out in the garden and, looking up, saw my first swallow (Hirundo rustica) of 2008. Obviously this doesn’t mean it’s now summer but it’s clear indication that it’s on its way.

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Seedlings in the greenhouse

I must admit I’ve been very surprised by how well the seedlings in the greenhouse have been going so far. I’ve had much better germination rates than I had with my cold frame and everything is growing up very rapidly … Continue reading

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Somewhere to sit

In an effort to start tidying up the left-hand side of our garden I decided to use up some of the old logs and fence posts and build a bench. We tend to spend a fair amount of time down … Continue reading

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Tadpole update 1

On the 23rd of February we found a large clump of frog (Rana temporaria) spawn in our pond. Last year many of the tadpoles were eaten by our newts so I thought I’d bring in a small piece of the … Continue reading

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