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Shelled-slug blows bubbles

Whilst building the Testudarium I found one of my favourite slugs, Testacella maugei. This is one of the shelled-slugs (you can see the shell in the picture) and they are carnivores preying on earthworms and other slugs. I moved the slug out of harm’s way but it then blew a large quantity of mucous bubbles at me – which seemed worthy of a photograph: I also found this fantastic slow worm (Anguis fragilis) which I... Read on

Newts and bugs

Despite the cold weather there are still a few cold-bloodied creatures that are active in the garden. Whilst tidying up around the edge of the pond today I found a young smooth newt (Triturus vulgaris). I’m not sure if they’re called Efts after they’ve left the pond but this newt was only 3cm long so will definitely have been one of this year’s brood. I’ve also been noticing a few other young newts remaining within... Read on

Back from Canada

Well, we’re back from Canada and the garden is looking pretty good. Apparently there’s been a lot of rain and that’s helped. Unfortunately it’s really helped the slugs and snails in that most of our veg has vanished. Looks like we’ll be going without courgettes, squashes and any brassicas this year. Thankfully the sweetcorn is doing ok. Read on