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Building a Testudarium – stage 4

I’ve now finished Hermes’ testudarium so thought I’d upload some pictures. Inside: Inside view of completed testudarium Outside: Outside view of completed testudarium Tortoise penthouse, this will go in the section of the testudarium inside the greenhouse: A picture of the tortoise penthouse The new owner gets distracted from using the door by a dandelion: Hermes and a dandelion First time through the door: Hermes heads outside Read on

Building a Testudarium – stage 3

Following on from stage 1 and stage 2 of the Testudarium project, I’ve now completed all the brick work and have two distinct enclosures with completed walls. Inside: Outside: Obviously I’ve still got a fair amount of work still to do. For example both enclosures need mesh covers and I’ve also got to build a door so Hermes can go in and out. Should be fun though. Read on

Building a Testudarium – stage 2

Having already started building the outside section of a testudarium for Hermes I thought I’d focus on building the inside section today. We’ve quite a few old bricks in the garden so I’ve decided to use these for the remaining walls of the testudarium. Obviously from a recycling perspective it’s great to reuse bricks and they also have a rustic appearance. The downside of using old bricks is that you need to spend lots of... Read on

Building a Testudarium – stage 1

I’ve started work on a Testudarium for Hermes. This will comprise an outdoor area and be connected to the greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse I’ll build an enclosure and Hermes will be able to move between the two via a small swing-door. The plan is for Hermes to be outside for most of the summer and he’ll be able to go in to the greenhouse at night or if it rains. Stage one of the Testudarium... Read on