Archive of posts from September 2008

Late green manuring… again

We had some good weather this weekend so I took the opportunity to put another coat of paint on the back of the house and also tidy up the veg plot a bit. I dug up the shrivelled remains of the beans, tomatoes and sweetcorn… all have been a disaster this year. I’m not sure if it was just the weather (a bit cold and very wet) but we’ve had very little out of the... Read on

Frogs and newts in the flowerbed

I decided to clear out some of the dead plants in the flowerbed closest to the house today. In the process of tidying up the flowerbed I found a juvenile frog and then also found an adult newt and three young newts. Adult smooth newt (Triturus vulgaris) One of the things I noticed was the very different colouration of the adult newt when compared to the breeding colours they adopt in the pond. Three young... Read on