Monthly Archives: May 2008

More beautiful summer blooms

For Christmas V bought me some native roses and I’ve been really pleased to see that the plants have done so well in just their first year. Almost all of the plants have flowered and the scent has been great. … Continue reading

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Water-crowfoot in flower

The water-crowfoot (Ranunculus aquatilis) has done really well in the pond this year. The plants have expanded considerably across the surface and produced a wonderful carpet of flowers.

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Great tits in the garden

We’ve been seeing an increasing number of birds in the garden recently (a blackbird and once again the starlings are nesting in our roof, the chicks hatched this week I think). I think this is partly due to the food … Continue reading

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Radish result

The first produce to come out of the greenhouse was this bumper crop of radishes:

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Increase in newt numbers

Last year we had smooth newts (Triturus vulgaris) in the pond from the beginning of March. This year I first spotted one at the end of March. However, their numbers have steadily increased since then and this weekend the pond … Continue reading

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