Archive of posts from May 2009

Chicks fledged

I know it was only last week when I first mentioned the birds nesting on or in our house this year. However, they had been there for a while before I posted and both sets of chicks have now fledged. Once again we managed to miss seeing them leave their respective nests. Read on


I’ve been meaning to post for a while as we’ve got two groups of birds with chicks at the house. Once again the starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are nesting in the eaves of the house. They nest in the roof each year and the chicks hatched a few weeks ago. They must be getting quite big by now – they’re certainly noisy. We’ve also got Blue tits (Parus caeruleus) nesting in the sparrow terrace. This is... Read on

Building a Testudarium – stage 4

I’ve now finished Hermes’ testudarium so thought I’d upload some pictures. Inside: Inside view of completed testudarium Outside: Outside view of completed testudarium Tortoise penthouse, this will go in the section of the testudarium inside the greenhouse: A picture of the tortoise penthouse The new owner gets distracted from using the door by a dandelion: Hermes and a dandelion First time through the door: Hermes heads outside Read on