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Caterpillar update 3

The larger of the large white caterpillars are still feeding well despite the cold weather we’ve had over the last week or so. Unfortunately some of the smaller ones definitely didn’t survive the sharp frost. Interestingly enough many of the … Continue reading

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Pass the parsnips

We didn’t have much luck with parsnips last year. This year the above ground growth was looking pretty impressive but I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out. You’re supposed to wait until after the first frost before pulling up your … Continue reading

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Building the heatsink

I’ve now started building the heatsink. This consists of a loop of pipe at the bottom of hole. I’ve drilled holes in the pipe and this will let air out: I’ve filled the hole with a mixture of stone and … Continue reading

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Caterpillar update 2

This morning’s hard frost may have been beautiful but I don’t think it was great for the large white caterpillars (Pieris brassicae). I think the large caterpillars should be OK despite them looking pretty cold: However, I think the frost … Continue reading

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First hard frost of the winter

Today was the first hard frost of the year. The thermometer in the greenhouse registered the night time temperature dropping to -5°C. This did mean the morning was very cold but the garden looked beautiful…. so I took a few … Continue reading

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