Archive of posts from June 2009

New raised bed

I’ve now finished the first of the new raised beds near our patio. The plan is to build three beds in total and also clad the steps. The first raised bed is finished Read on

Summer work and summer chafers

I’ve now started work on the raised beds and steps closest to the house. I’m planning to build the beds out of fence posts and deck boards. We’re also going to clad our “feature sleeper steps” (estate agent speak) since they ooze tar when it’s warm weather and so we can’t sit on them. We could just buy pressure treated ones but it seems a shame to get rid of these ones so cladding with... Read on

Flowering Rush flowers

We’ve got a flowering rush in our pond but, I think, it’s the first year it’s actually flowered. It’s pretty spectacular and has a great scientific name to boot – Butomus umbellatus </em> Flowering rush in flower Read on

Happy 4th birthday pond

Happy 4th Birthday pond! It’s four years ago today that we started filling the pond… it’s become well established since then: A view of the pond on its fourth birthday Read on

Harlequin pupae

We’ve had the Harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) present in or garden for some time. this year I’ve seen even more adults than last year and we’ve lots of pupae in the garden: Pupae of the Harlequin ladybird Read on