Archive of posts from January 2008

Temperature switch

The final part of my heatsink arrangement in the greenhouse is a temperature switch to control the PC fan. I ordered the temperature switch from Maplins but I had no idea that it came unassembled…. so I had to buy a soldering iron and teach myself to solder too! Anyway, after a bit of largely unsuccessful practicing, I set about building the switch and have now finished it: I may not be the neatest solderer... Read on

Native roses

Today I planted the native roses that V bought me for Christmas from Buckingham Nurseries. I’m not a big fan of the ornamental roses but I really like native roses. V bought a mixture of species: Sweet briar (Rosa rubiginosa) – pink flowers * 2 Dog rose (Rosa canina) – white and light pink flowers * 1 Field rose (Rosa arvensis) – white flowers * 1 Scotch or Burnet rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia) – white flowers... Read on

Final crop, new growth and a New Year

To celebrate the New Year I lifted the remainder of our parsnips. Parsnips were one of the few vegetables that did well this year. For a lot of our crops the summer was just too wet. However, the wet summer did produce the best parsnips we’ve grown so far. We also had two parsnips that had intertwined and grown in an interesting sprial. Having lifted the parsnips V then did a fantastic roast with them... Read on