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Greenhouse build – day 7

Typical, all I have to do is mention wind in a blog posting and it starts blowing a gale. On Friday I finished glazing the main structure of the greenhouse but, by the time I’d done that, it was too dark to fit the doors. I was out all day yesterday and returned home to find that the wind had picked up and it looked like we’d be in for a blustery night. All I... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 6

The glazing process carried on in earnest today. It turned out to be quite an involved process as the instructions are a bit light on detail and the fittings are a bit fiddly. Some of the bits didn’t fit either. I had to cut the polycarbonate below the vents so that it would fit and the ventomatic vent openers didn’t fit the pre-drilled holes – so I had to drill new ones. Having started at... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 5

One of the nice things abut polycarbonate is that you can make big sheets of it and so the glazing of a greenhouse should be quicker. You can put in one big sheet where there would be three sheets of glass. Unfortunately the problem with polycarbonate is that you need to use different fittings than if you were using glass. The greenhouse instructions were a little sparse on how to fit the polycarbonate glazing. After... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 4

My mum and dad popped down to visit today and so I roped them in to helping with the greenhouse. We managed to get the sides connected to the gables pretty quickly and, by lunchtime, we had the roof bar on too. After lunch we attached the roof struts and the vents. We then got the greenhouse reasonably square/true and attached it to the base. I think it looks pretty impressive (albeit a little Hindenburg-esque)... Read on


I’m taking a day off from the greenhouse build today, mainly because I need some help with the next steps as they can’t be done by just one person (and V is at work). Anyway, I had a wander round the garden as it’s really sunny and quite warm for October. Despite sowing my green manure late, the plants seem to be coming up well. If it stays reasonably warm for a bit longer then... Read on

Winter-flowering Viburnum flowers in winter

At first glance the title of this post might seem a bit ridiculous. However, I’ve had a winter-flowering Viburnum for three winters now and this is the first time it’s flowered. The shrub was a present from my mum and I’m really pleased it’s finally started flowering. Some time in spring I think I’ll try and get the plant into the ground, rather than a pot, as I’m sure it will be better for it.... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 3

Day three of the build. Today I concentrated on building up the gables for the greenhouse. The rear gable went together reasonably well: I also thought I’d try the gable up on the base to see how tall the greenhouse looked. It didn’t seem as high as I’d thought to be honest but should still have loads of headroom for me: I’ve also now built up the front gable too: The final bit of work... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 2

First job for today (after a cup of tea) was to get the base concreted in. V and I eventually got the base square with its four feet in the holes we’d dug yesterday. At this point I confess that I deviated from the instructions. The instructions suggest that you cement the legs down to a depth of 80cm, this being “below frost depth”. Living in the “mild mild west” I decided that 80cm was... Read on

Greenhouse build – day 1

The great greenhouse build has begun. I’ve now built the base but, as you might be able to tell from the photograph, I’ve hit a snag: When I originally planned the greenhouse I wanted it to sit on the patio. When I came to order it I found out that it’s a good idea to put it on a base otherwise the doors might not open. Obviously having the doors stuck shut (or open) would... Read on

The greenhouse arrives…

If you’ve ever wondered what a greenhouse looks like when it’s delivered here’s your answer: Yep, my greenhouse has arrived, looks like I’ll be spending the weekend out in the garden putting it up – I can’t wait! Read on

A second squash

Admittedly it’s not that newsworthy but our scallopini squash plant has produced a second squash. It’s hardly going to see us through winter but, given the dismal summer we had, it’s not bad going. The first squash was really tasty so I’m looking forward to this one too and will definitely be growing more next year. Read on

Nest box clean up

In September 2006 we bought a Wiggly Wigglers’ Sparrow Parade. We put it up around this time last year and, in spring this year, we were pleased to see that a pair of blue tits (Parus caeruleus) had taken up residence. The blue tits successfully produced a brood of chicks but we don’t know how many as they left the nest while we were on holiday. Anyway, as the weather is getting colder we thought... Read on

Cold frame fixed

A few months ago I was moving a few plants around in the cold frame, I’d opened the lid but not propped it open. Typically the wind caught the lid and slammed it down… on the back of my head. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my head proved stronger than the perspex (acrylic glass) that I’d used on the cold frame and the lid shattered. Over the summer the broken lid hasn’t been much of a... Read on

Oxford Bee Company nest in use

I’ve had an Oxford Bee Company mason bee nest in the garden for a couple of years now. This year it’s been used for the first time though. Strangely enough it’s been used by leaf cutting bees (Megachile sp.) rather than the mason bees though: The leaf cutting bees and mason bees still prefer the bamboo canes in the other insect nest habitat I have though. Read on

Veg and Fruit review 2007

I’ve officially declared this year a dead-loss when it comes to veg. The wet weather and the slugs & snails have taken their toll. A summary of the fruit and veg ‘production’ for 2007: Blackcurrants – did well, a fair few bunches and were tasty. Cherries – a handful of good-looking cherries – all eaten by birds. Chilies – not a great success. However, the long peppers which I’ve not grown before are still doing... Read on