Greenhouse build – day 5

The first pane of polycarbonate is fitted to the greenhouse

One of the nice things abut polycarbonate is that you can make big sheets of it and so the glazing of a greenhouse should be quicker. You can put in one big sheet where there would be three sheets of glass. Unfortunately the problem with polycarbonate is that you need to use different fittings than if you were using glass.

The greenhouse instructions were a little sparse on how to fit the polycarbonate glazing. After a lot of attempts and a fair but of head scratching I admitted defeat and phoned the factory (well, my mum and dad persuaded me to do it, I’d probably still be there puzzling if they hadn’t).

Eventually we got things in correctly and got the two sides glazed before it started to drizzle and get dark. Weather permitting I’ll finish tomorrow.

Greenhouse with glazed sides

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