Greenhouse build – day 7

Typical, all I have to do is mention wind in a blog posting and it starts blowing a gale.

On Friday I finished glazing the main structure of the greenhouse but, by the time I’d done that, it was too dark to fit the doors. I was out all day yesterday and returned home to find that the wind had picked up and it looked like we’d be in for a blustery night. All I could do was gaffer tape a tarpaulin over the greenhouse doorway and hope all would be ok.

This morning the weather was pretty windy and very wet but the greenhouse was still in the garden.

Taking advantage of the greenhouse I sat inside it and finished making the doors. Once these were hung the greenhouse seemed much more cosy.

I’ve plenty of finishing off to do including:

  • Sealing all the joints with silicon
  • Tidying up the concrete round the base
  • Filling the gaps under the base so there isn’t a draught
  • Giving all the nuts a final tighten

However, the greenhouse is now largely finished and usable:

Finished greenhouse

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