Let there be, errr, wind?

By the time I’d fitted the solar panel yesterday it was a bit too dark to test it.

However, it was reasonably bright this morning so I hooked up an old PC fan to the solar panel and, lo and behold, it created a draught.

The fan spinning whilst being powered by the solar panel

Once I’d satisfied myself that the panel was generating some power I fitted some large crocodile clips to it and attached it to the car battery. Although I’m not all set up with the fan etc. I can at least have the panel charging the battery in the meantime.

Using a combination of super glue and gaffer tape I then attached the fan to the pipe leading to the heatsink. All I need to do now is wire up the fan to a temperature switch and then connect that to the battery. Here’s a photograph of the solar panel, the fan and the pipe leading to the heatsink:

Solar panel and fan

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