Vegetable seeds 2008

I’ve now ordered my veg seeds for 2008. As in previous years I’ve ordered them through The Organic Garden Catalogue. This year I’m going for:

  • Brussels sprout
  • Cabbage Roulette F1
  • Carrot Nantes 2
  • Cauliflower Snowball
  • Climbing bean Blauhilde
  • Courgette Partenon F1
  • Cucumber Gerkin Adam F1
  • Fennel Finale
  • Hot pepper Early Jalapeno
  • Hot pepper Habanero
  • Leek Pandora
  • Lettuce Salad Bowl
  • Lettuce Tintin
  • Marrow Scallopini Yellow
  • Melon Sweetheart F1
  • Onion Red Baron
  • Parsnip Turga
  • Pea Ambassador
  • Pepper Bendigo F1
  • Pepper Doux Long des Landes
  • Potato Charlotte
  • Radish French Breakfast
  • Radish Scarlet Globe
  • Runner bean Enorma Elite
  • Squash Butternut
  • Sweetcorn Double Standard
  • Tomato Gardeners Delight
  • Tomato Moneymaker
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