First flowers of 2009

The weather was quite nice today and there was even a bit of blue sky. I thought I’d take the opportunity to replace the supports for the raspberry canes. I bought some met-posts and put some 50mm square posts into them. I then treated the wood and ran wires between them. Hopefully these posts will be more sturdy than the others and won’t allow the canes to be blown over as happened last summer.
A picture of new posts to support the raspberry canes

Whilst out in the garden I also noticed that a male blackbird was hopping around the pond and then went into the shallows for a bath. Also, several of the crocuses and snowdrops are in flower. This is about a week later than last year but we have just had a few days of very cold weather and lots of snow.

A group of crocuses in flower near the pond

Two purple crocuses in flower next to the bird feeder

A yellow crocus, not quite open, near the pond

A snowdrop in flower near the workshop

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