Native roses

Today I planted the native roses that V bought me for Christmas from Buckingham Nurseries. I’m not a big fan of the ornamental roses but I really like native roses.

V bought a mixture of species:

  • Sweet briar (Rosa rubiginosa) – pink flowers * 2
  • Dog rose (Rosa canina) – white and light pink flowers * 1
  • Field rose (Rosa arvensis) – white flowers * 1
  • Scotch or Burnet rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia) – white flowers * 2

I planted the two Sweet briars half way down the garden next to the hazel tree. Flanked by the Sweet briars, I planted one of the Scotch roses. Down to the left of the pond I planted the second Scotch rose. The Dog rose went in just in front of the back fence next to the open compost heap. The Field rose I planted in amongst the native hedge.

I can’t wait for them to flower now.

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