Creating a wildflower meadow

You may remember that, a few days ago, I mentioned tidying up the left-hand side of our garden. This area I plan to turn into a wildflower meadow. I’ve not been able to get this started as early in the year as I’d hoped but, as we’re still (just about) in spring, I thought it worth a go anyway.

I’ve cleared this area of all the old wood (left behind by the previous owners) and the weeds and also built a small mound. This area of better drainage should allow different species to prosper.

I’ve now sown the area with a mixture of two seed mixes from Wiggly Wigglers:

  • Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix
  • Grassy Meadow Seed Mix

As I said, it’s a bit late in spring to be starting this but it’s worth trying anyway. I can always re-seed the meadow in Autumn anyway.

The new wildflower meadow with bench beyond

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