The garden bench – stage 2

I’ve now done a bit more work on the bench. Predominantly I’ve focused on building a back to it. To do this I used the old wood left behind by the previous owners of the house, set this in an upright position and concreted it in place.

The next stage of our garden bench

I’m actually pretty pleased with how the bench has developed, i’ve just got to give it a bit of a sanding and it’s finished. It’s not the prettiest of structures but it’s made entirely of wood we had “knocking around” and is great for sitting on and watching the pond whilst having some food or a beer.

If you’re wondering, the brown plastic “shoe-box” is a bumble bee nest box. It’s usually in a different part of the garden but I’ve moved things around while doing the wildflower meadow and haven’t found a new site for it yet. So far it’s only attracted a mouse rather than any bees.

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